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Agency L.A. \ Liberal Agency

L.A. \ Liberal Agency will not demonstrate, that whe have the best visions, that we take a different view of advertisement. We say that we do think, we make, what we believe in. Need to create is our fundamental demand. And it is our vision, too. We believe, that real advertising production insists on internal mission.

Naše filozofie

Our priorities are innovation and originality. Just like every company and its products are unique, we attempt to create original communication strategies and campaign strategies, that are not copies. We believe that professional skills and knowledge together with intuition are the base of our work. And finally, we give credit to personal chemistry and synergy within effective cooperation.

Výhody spolupráce

In the course of cooperation with L.A. \ Liberal Agency you will appreciate professional approach, that is the fundamental base of each partnership. Our benefits constitute financial effectiveness, emphasis on observance of target settings and measurability of success in partial activities. you can also prosper from our flexibility, because we have our offices both in prague and brno. We work in harness with telemarketing company and other suppliers.

Naše zkušenosti

Our team has collected plentiful experience in the area of 10 years not only in the Czech republic, but also in other 8 european countries. Marketing communication over the last not only we are able to fulfil entire activities of marketing and communication mix, but we follow and add to current trends in creative work, production and post-production target and solution.

office Praha
L.A. \ Liberal Agency
K Červenému dvoru 25A, 130 00 Praha 3
tel.: 271 770 485, fax: 271 770 486

office Brno
L.A. \ Liberal Agency
Cornovova 52, 618 00 Brno
tel.: 515 541 288, 548 214 419